Why Did LG Phones Really Die?

RIP LG Smartphones 🪦

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  1. JOSEPH caban

    JOSEPH caban

    5 小时 前

    I’m kinda sad about that cuz I have a v60 😅kinda suckish gues I gotta change it now 🥲

  2. anonymous5401


    10 小时 前

    as someone that bought LG phones fairly regularly (usually their flagships a couple years after they come out becacuse price drops like mad) its kinda sad to see, but then again, id never get any real productivity out of them till its ablee to be rooted. that software UI is so, ugh. Samsungs One UI is way better, if that says anything. Edit: Double tap to wake is the best feature LG has ever came up with and it pisses me off that more companies dont add it.

  3. MrTungtarung


    18 小时 前

    Just brought LG WING so freaking sick

  4. Paul Chhan

    Paul Chhan

    天 前

    Thank you for good analysis

  5. cauet


    天 前

    You forgot to mention the LG stylo line which was famous for its big screen and the stylus

  6. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf

    天 前

    I feel back when some people had LGs, they at least made SOME attempt to get their name out lol. Had some friends raving about them. RIP in pepperoni

  7. Lambert Gallaga

    Lambert Gallaga

    2 天 前

    You forgot the V30 for best 🎥

  8. TJ NJ

    TJ NJ

    2 天 前

    oh last note... most all the LG "new" "first" thing is difference of days or same time. Not one of the big designs were LG inventions, like quad cpu's.. they came out across all the market the same time. timing was based on marketing for most. biggest issue is New is not always best. focus on Biometrics, getting ride of a number of functions to "save/reduce" costs. they assume to much based on nerds that are loudest buy less than 5% of the market. everyone else just had to sucks it up or move on. #1... no more 3.5mm jack. nuff said. wont get into the garbage with OS changes

  9. TJ NJ

    TJ NJ

    2 天 前

    ? Samsung Sega... Note.... ?

  10. TJ NJ

    TJ NJ

    2 天 前

    i had voyager and moto druid 2 n 4 ... LG has never really done anything well. so it finally died.

  11. TJ NJ

    TJ NJ

    2 天 前

    3rd camp.... Finally!

  12. Cooper B

    Cooper B

    2 天 前

    My old Lg G2 is sitting 3 feet away from me while watching this😢

  13. iiapplejacksii


    2 天 前

    I just bought a used LG G8 for $100 a couple of days ago. The phone is great! I just hope it gets android 11 I guess I'll be switch over to Samsung Galaxy S brand when I need to upgrade in couple years but I hate their stupid Bixby xD

  14. Van Nguyen

    Van Nguyen

    2 天 前

    LG died a hero for keeping the headphone jack *Sad life*



    2 天 前

    I'm gonna miss the LG Phones I had the LG Stylo 3 but sadly I lost that phone on my way home that one night.

  16. aaa bbb

    aaa bbb

    3 天 前

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  17. Sam A

    Sam A

    3 天 前

    Sony gonna take advantage of this big time.

  18. Placido Soriano

    Placido Soriano

    3 天 前

    Im watching this vid on a LG q7 +. RIP LG.

  19. Robert Clark 🎸Atmospheric Guitar Exploration

    Robert Clark 🎸Atmospheric Guitar Exploration

    3 天 前

    What goes up....

    • Robert Clark 🎸Atmospheric Guitar Exploration

      Robert Clark 🎸Atmospheric Guitar Exploration

      3 天 前

      I do not blame anyone....Nobody rides forever.

  20. Denny Roman

    Denny Roman

    3 天 前

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  21. RJ


    3 天 前

    g5 was by far my most favrite phone

  22. Brandon Constantine

    Brandon Constantine

    4 天 前

    LG blows Samsung & Sony out of the water in every department they have their foot in. They blow Samsung & Sony out of the water when it comes to TVs. LG destroys Samsung in appliances. LG is great at phones, but as you said, everyone just took their ideas, ran with it & didn't give LG the credit they deserved. This is actually a big move for LG. I promise you in 10 years all TVs will most likely be LG, as of right now theyre NanoCells & OLEDs are better in every way then Samsung's QLED or Sonys OLED which LG makes for Sony anyway. LG has the technology of OLED patented. Nobodies making anything OLED without their approval. At least with OLED that is actually worth it and doesn't cost you an arm and leg like Sony. LG has a grip on the tv market, in 10 years nobody will be making calls on TVs without their approval, specially once all TVs become OLED.

  23. Gökhan İpek

    Gökhan İpek

    4 天 前

    I believe the most important factor for their phones to die, is because their battery life was a joke. I remember the time when my battery died when I was abroad, trying to find a location. It was scary. 2 months after that, I bought a Mi 6, life was a lot better.

  24. B P

    B P

    4 天 前

    LG Died, noting all their innovations, because their build quality was BAD. They sold phones they knew would brick due to heat and didn't do recalls when they should have.

  25. Angelo Jim Baldoza Nocedo

    Angelo Jim Baldoza Nocedo

    4 天 前

    I miss the LG

  26. Washington Football Report

    Washington Football Report

    4 天 前

    As a massive LG fan the fact that LG stopped making new phone sends me. I use the V60 right now it's honestly the best one I have ever had the battery is large the screen is good the refresh rate really doesn't bother me because it saves my battery on a day-to-day basis one thing that I really like about LG is when you compare LG to like Samsung you don't have all the bloatware that Samsung has I think that's one of the huge things that I'm going to miss about algae is it's simply gives you a lot of the same features as like a Samsung or xiaomi without all the bloatware without all of Samsung's ideas like Bigsby and so on being shoved down your throat

  27. Kelly


    4 天 前

    My first LG was the EnV. When Verizon switched to 3G, they told me make the switch to the touch screen phone so I switch to the iPhone & I hated it. The constant updates from Apple & the shit battery life has been a constant problem. Back in 2015 I made the switch from not only a different carrier but phone back to LG. I believe I got the V20 & loved it so much that when I was due for another upgrade I switch to the LG G6. Fantastic phone, great battery life & amazing camera. Then I upgraded again to the latest G8 & this phone has been my constant. It's battery life, software, processing, & especially camera have been awesome. My only complaint was there were never enough company provided cases for it. Same thing for my G6. I was stuck with having to choose a Amazon special but where I & how I keep my phone in my vehicle, it strongly depends on the case not only protecting the camera & the screen but the case cannot be silicone & that is a HUGE majority of the cases out there. So I stuck with the case TMobile suggested which was a smoky rubberized case which has done it's job quite well. I am so bummed about LG giving up on phones & MAYBE they will come back with all the research & design that they have don't in other aspects & blow the competition out of the water & maybe they won't but now I'm stuck chosing their competition, Samsung. And they pop out camera design is a no for me.

  28. Abeo Luke

    Abeo Luke

    5 天 前

    PewDiePie headphones: spotted

  29. MrMemyselfandi415


    5 天 前

    I bought my LGV40 for the price and specs...but fell in love with it because of the audio and solid user experience. Great hardware...fingerprint reader...strong chip and ram. I didn't like it as much as my Samsung software wise, but I came around to it in the same way you love an old pair of shoes that fit just right. Now I have to figure out how I'm going to get that audio quality and keep my 512 Gb microsd card. LG was LEGIT...but I have to admit I had to use the phone to really GET them. They were kinda like the upgraded Toyota Camry of smartphones. Not really exciting, but the things it did really well were solid.

  30. Darius


    6 天 前

    Lg should of sponsored stars wars with the g8

  31. Francisco Martinez

    Francisco Martinez

    6 天 前

    LG G4 was the phone that made me keep on Android from Apple. I upgrade to Galaxy S10 back in 2019 and still killa in 2021. Thank LG

  32. IanN


    6 天 前

    Just saw this video, thank God I bought the Oneplus 6 t instead of the LGV40

  33. Davii Mai

    Davii Mai

    6 天 前

    ThinQ was the stupidest name I ever heard. It sounds and reads like something consumer-repellant. But thanks for the ultra-wide camera, LG.



    7 天 前

    LG really just said: Fuck this!

  35. xbladerunner


    8 天 前

    Long live the G6! Need to find a new phone now.

  36. John Peter

    John Peter

    9 天 前

    Watching on my LG V20... Being frugal I buy last year's better/best. So it's time to switch to the Note9 and second line the Tab 4 with LTE. Life is Good not having to buy on the cutting edge..

  37. ejm513


    9 天 前

    I've been a fan since I got a V10 during the summer of 2017 after my google nexus 6 was stolen when I was in Europe (also a great phone). I've used a V10, a V20 and V40 and they were wonderful phones. This may have been a bad idea considering they're closing down their mobile department, but I bought a V60 for the seemingly amazing battery life, the screen and the headphone jack. Honestly the ONLY thing that kept me away after awhile was the storage. I know there's expandable storage and that's great for people who can/want to use it, but I'm not that person. 64 gigs just became to limiting as time went on. If they had larger storage options I would have never switched, but 128gb in the V60 is a comfortable amount and I'm excited to be able to use this phone for hopefully the next couple of year. You'll be missed LG. Thank you for giving me a wonderful experience after getting a phone stolen in foreign country. It's silly but I became really attached to that V10.

  38. James Crook

    James Crook

    9 天 前

    LG's mobile outfit dedicated their entire line of flagships to high levels innovation. This is great for many many people bar a few. Namely, it's great for competitor brands that want to observe what features stick (so they can refine and implement at a lower risk); but not so great for LG themselves who are focusing time, energy and resources into features we don't really want yet (at a higher risk). Ultimately, I respect the plucky innovators. And wish their designers and engineers a long and fruitful career.

  39. Samantha Afrikaner

    Samantha Afrikaner

    9 天 前

    I think they do better with household items.. like fridges,TVs,washing machine etc.. this brand is very popular in 🇿🇦 !

  40. SomeCovertRebel


    9 天 前

    I rejected LG because I didn't like how they handled the android OS interface.

  41. Abhijeet Pimple

    Abhijeet Pimple

    10 天 前

    I have LG tv

  42. Abhijeet Pimple

    Abhijeet Pimple

    10 天 前


  43. Abhijeet Pimple

    Abhijeet Pimple

    10 天 前


  44. iM4CH3T3 Dimachete

    iM4CH3T3 Dimachete

    10 天 前

    LG still kinda is in the smartphone segment with their oled screens 🤷‍♂️

  45. Mr Kx

    Mr Kx

    10 天 前

    Or 3rd camp: "Will my brand new LG phone get updates?!?!"

  46. Ry-7hym


    11 天 前

    14:20 this is basically what I came for

  47. Ry-7hym


    11 天 前

    Does that mean that there will be no experimental features in smartphones anymore in upcoming years ? 🤔

  48. Chase'N Goody

    Chase'N Goody

    11 天 前

    I am a pretty big LG Stylo fan. I started with the Stylo 3 and I currently own the Stylo 6. I don't need the premium features of the Samsungs and iphones. I just needed a phone that had a large screen, take decent pictures, and multitask. The stylus was a unique plus. Sad to see this company leave the phone game.

  49. Alex Roblox

    Alex Roblox

    12 天 前

    lifes bad :(

  50. Alex Roblox

    Alex Roblox

    12 天 前


  51. Em Daily

    Em Daily

    12 天 前

    Aww that is sad!! I feel like LG could have been great if they strike it right. I had one of there phones and it was honestly one of the greatest phones I had. I ended with a Google pixel same feel and reminds of Lg with its simplicity

  52. samtisfying


    12 天 前

    I have an LG7 plus, and it is awesome but late on updates

  53. Mario H

    Mario H

    13 天 前

    I do agree with the people who said it was do to youtubers. I remember youtubers including yourself would review LG and either downplay it or say there's better alternatives like samsung or it's not better than samsung which even if it was even that's a win. It was also do to LG trying to please iphone/samsung fans while disregarding their own fan base

  54. Caius Nair

    Caius Nair

    14 天 前

    I miss having a music specialist phone option. If only some other company would pick us where of left off 😞

  55. ElevatE


    14 天 前

    Their phones and devices have such poor quality of life. I got one of their newer 2019 phones and the thing is unusable already and is stuck on an infinite boot loop.

    • Chris Long

      Chris Long

      10 天 前

      Yeah all the LGs I had as well as my wife had were ass. Much happier with our OnePlus devices

  56. Nunya Fockler

    Nunya Fockler

    14 天 前

    too much competition in smartphones they'll stick to making Smart TVs and they'll make a killing I love @LG Life's good baby

  57. Menickc


    14 天 前

    I wish they kept making phone specifically the LG wing. If they kept working on it and adding more support I think it would've carved out an awesome niche.

  58. Dave Kvazovski

    Dave Kvazovski

    14 天 前

    I was g3. Screen to body ratio was awesome at the time

  59. BMMR


    15 天 前

    The problem is they make so so many electronic things and nothing properly

  60. Pelo 190e

    Pelo 190e

    15 天 前

    That's what happens when you only ever recommend 2-3 max brands of phones to literally everyone. I hope this is a reason for you to rethink the way you review phones.

  61. Sergio Zamora

    Sergio Zamora

    15 天 前

    I like it. Ontop of the video he said it wasnt water resistant but in reality lg forums specs say its water repellant to down pours rain showers etc. I think its well worth for all its uses.

  62. Amara W

    Amara W

    15 天 前

    Oh snap. Its my first time hearing LG stopped sellin phones. Im watching this on my Lg g8 thinq. And I actually like their V20. Kinda tragic. Time to move on to Samsung or something 🤷🏽‍♀️

  63. Anthony Wake

    Anthony Wake

    15 天 前

    I had 3 different LGs starting with the G2, G4 and G6. The G6 was so slow and buggy I sold it half way through my contract before I threw it out the window. Real shame because they used to be very decent and I used to recommend them

  64. Gerry Brunel Ngueguim Zofou

    Gerry Brunel Ngueguim Zofou

    15 天 前

    I used the LG G4. Quite a nice phone ☺️

  65. • ZitiZ •

    • ZitiZ •

    16 天 前

    Nobody's going to make fun phones now

  66. Justin L

    Justin L

    16 天 前

    @ 10:25 Sweats nervously in iPhone 12

  67. Abdurrahman Allahem

    Abdurrahman Allahem

    16 天 前

    I'm wondering if they will sell the LG Wing patent, so in the future, we can get Samsung Wing!

  68. Luke Pace

    Luke Pace

    16 天 前

    LG V60 ThinQ 5G wasn't a joke?

  69. Trenton Spicer

    Trenton Spicer

    16 天 前

    I have a LG rn

  70. Nic Loren

    Nic Loren

    16 天 前

    i remember the en V i loved it !!!!

  71. Alejandro Velazquez

    Alejandro Velazquez

    17 天 前

    Lol when there are s's and ultra's and plus's and max's and se's and note's and more.... Wtf????

  72. Alejandro Velazquez

    Alejandro Velazquez

    17 天 前

    I just bought a brand new lg stylo 7 bout a month ago.... Y?

  73. Daily Orange Pill

    Daily Orange Pill

    17 天 前

    Sadly there are currently no cell phones being produced in the USA.

  74. Lorenz A

    Lorenz A

    17 天 前

    I actually love LG quite a lot. Their screens are legit, and the LGV35 is the best phone I've ever owned (I've owned iPhone, Samsung, Pixel), im in the third camp of "Saddened that LG isn't making phones anymore".

  75. Myat Thi Ha

    Myat Thi Ha

    17 天 前

    LG died a hero, you still live to become a villain :)

  76. katnektaria


    17 天 前

    You forgot the first phone with 3D photo and video capability with the LG Thrill

  77. Kevin


    18 天 前

    I was a third camp. I was and to some extent pretty distraught that they are not making more phones. I have loved my Chocolate, G4, G7, and my current V60. I now have to figure out what phones to get in the future because my go to is gone.

  78. Breanna Monte

    Breanna Monte

    19 天 前

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  79. Matt Smith

    Matt Smith

    19 天 前

    I.had a LG 10 20.30 then.the 40 they got worse and worse the battery suck and don't last the lg40.disnot last 2 years a 1000 crap

  80. elgooG Account

    elgooG Account

    20 天 前

    My first touchscreen phone was the LG-Vu, I loved that thing.

  81. A. Trottner

    A. Trottner

    20 天 前

    I was a lg guy with the g3/g4/ and I loved the g5 but then they drop the moduls in the lg g6...there was nothing left for me only a mid phone with a mid price...it was so sad...lg g5 was so ez to repair...they just need to stick to something

  82. Matt Parsons

    Matt Parsons

    20 天 前

    Don't forget the Quad DAC on the V20

  83. Corde C.

    Corde C.

    21 天 前

    Still using LG G7. Don't thinQ I will ever regret.

  84. Kasper


    21 天 前

    LG V20, biyatch

  85. Tyler Largeteau

    Tyler Largeteau

    21 天 前

    LG G-Flex: First phone designed to bend in your pocket

  86. wael wael

    wael wael

    21 天 前

    I agreed with u dude, LG made a lots of bad decisions (like Sega) one of the was marketing other was quality, I used to be a huge fan of LG mobile phones since 2007 they produce great phone shine, Prada (the first attempt to make a real iPhone before Apple) even after that the produce great titles LG G2 LGG3 However after that they had a main problem Quality their phone starts to stop working after only one year (and that happened to me not just in one phone many many times) I don't know if that intentional to make the customer buy another one quickly but if that was the case that would probably be the dumbest decision they ever made!!! because they make the customer turning their backs to them a go to other companies (including me)

  87. Condor KON

    Condor KON

    22 天 前

    I've had so many phones. Many brands. LG was my favorite it of all of them. I literally just learned today they ended the mobile division

  88. Ryan Alexander

    Ryan Alexander

    22 天 前

    Samsung we can beat that we have 4 cameras on a new samsung galaxy s21 ultra

  89. Omelet Pan

    Omelet Pan

    23 天 前

    I bought an LG a few years ago and it was the model with a manufacturing flaw that caused it to basically continuously reboot. I can't imagine how many people like me got screwed over like that and it can be hard to get people to trust them again. I wouldn't have bought another one.

    • wael wael

      wael wael

      21 天 前

      I used to be a customer until they made their phones damaged without any reason only after one year of buying a mobile phone just like that!!! ( and this happened to me twice) so i went to other competitors and I'm still happy with what I've done

  90. •Doodles•


    23 天 前

    Life's Good > Life's Bad

  91. Aditya


    23 天 前

    When someone at LG would have watched this video, A high-level meeting must have been scheduled just after that.

  92. stan warren

    stan warren

    23 天 前

    Verizon destroyed LG in USA

  93. Fernando Luna

    Fernando Luna

    23 天 前

    LG was no hero, they made gimmick phones, never updated their software, got bloated android software as everyone and they dropped their gimmick phones as soon they next one came.. i got burned by them once, never went back i was surprising checking their media pages and find 'em filled with angry messages cuz they never updated shit or corrected bugs

  94. l


    23 天 前


  95. Tomer Feller

    Tomer Feller

    23 天 前

    It's my last week with my LG G6 before im buying myself a new galaxy phone. All of my smartphones were LG and i always felt a little fan of them, having refused to buy better performing android phones like galaxy or oneplus, because i loved the design and all the cool creative features of LG and i was proud buying innovative phones like the modular G5 (started with the great G3). Actually i used to watch Marques videos 5 6 years ago when i was more interested in the tech world, and today i came by to see galaxy reviews. Anyway, it's nice to see your vids again (gave me nostalgia), and that video was very fitting before i say goodbye for good for such a brave revolutionary and special company like LG and their phones that supported me for 7 years or so :)

  96. Lync Volt

    Lync Volt

    24 天 前

    I had an LG G2 years ago. It was my first smartphone. Software skin was really ugly....but it was also incredibly difficult to mod. Back in the days of CyanogenMod I was able to get it installed. But it wasn't easy to root. Or Flash roms because it turned out if you did take one of their rare updates, it breaks flashing as it only worked with specific radios. So you'd have to flash a new (old) radio and then flash the custom rom. By the end I wanted to throw it off a roof. And honestly left a really bad taste in my mouth with LG. Its a shame but I can't say I'm surprised.

  97. Nayber


    24 天 前

    I've only ever had lg phones until yesterday. So sad.

  98. yung redi

    yung redi

    24 天 前

    noo i loved my LG G5. i remember taking photos on it at hockey games and designing hockey cards with it for the local team because you could control the shutter speed and ISO, something that’s still not on iPhones.

  99. Theinfamous op

    Theinfamous op

    25 天 前

    Man the lg g2 was a mf beast

  100. boogy


    25 天 前

    LG Stylo 4, LG V30, LG V40thinq, LG G8thinq, LG Wing 5G... If they came out with another phone and stayed in the phone industry, I'd still buy it. I have had fun with literally every LG phone I've owned. It fit just the right spot for someone who always wanted to find new and exciting features in their phone, for those who want to look at a phone and think, "what else can this piece of hardware in my hand do." I feel bad that LG has taken their leave from the Phone market, but at least they can just continue dominating others, considering how well they do with their OLED technology. LG, you will be missed... Woulda loved to try out your future LG T-800thinq, that probably woulda had a fucking laser, microwave and maybe even tried to take over the world, but oh well! I'll just stick to the Wing. p.s. - to clarify, I mostly mean I'll miss the phones, LG as a company is well known for having horrible customer support... they just honestly couldn't give a shit considering the Wing is still on Android 10 since release with no date on when A 11 will release, so their promise to continue 3 years of support is kinda bs. They honestly kinda dug their own grave in the phone market if anyone should be blamed. Innovators? yeah... Good Guy LG, not a chance? Just another soulless company, like the rest, just trynna make a buck too many.