Why Everything is an Ultrabook!

The world of laptops is sick: If it's not a gaming laptop, the other features matter even more!
The ultrabook definition: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultrabook
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Nano : www.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/...

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  1. Jainish Patel

    Jainish Patel

    12 小时 前

    I love your videos man, but this video felt like a 9 minute advertisement.

  2. Ryan N

    Ryan N

    天 前

    I'd probably still buy a macbook air...

  3. Nicaleb Gedeon

    Nicaleb Gedeon

    2 天 前

    Bro please put the specific song from the intro, I've been looking and I can't find it when I just look up the artist. Anyone know what the into song is?

  4. Henk van Peer

    Henk van Peer

    2 天 前

    Your graph is wrong; in 3s or less: 3s!!!!!

  5. Tom Scryleus

    Tom Scryleus

    3 天 前

    every video is a hit or a miss, I think we can all agree what this was...

  6. 4305 DINESH KUMAR R


    3 天 前

    My favorite phone Samsung galaxy a72 plz sent me...

  7. Bobby M

    Bobby M

    3 天 前

    Thank goodness for NVME ssd's

  8. Chris Wolfe

    Chris Wolfe

    3 天 前

    Anyone else bothered at 2:11 the greater than sign is used instead of

  9. Srikant B

    Srikant B

    4 天 前


  10. dhiraj22881


    5 天 前

    Thinkpad is best business laptop for office staff..

  11. Beno


    6 天 前

    Hey, that’s the dogshit laptop my primary school had in 2005!

  12. N. Roy Singh

    N. Roy Singh

    6 天 前

    i just want the best possible screen on an ultra book. thats how i make my decisions.

  13. Finnrtbobs


    7 天 前

    Does this guy actually know anything about tech? everything I've seen from him he seems completely clueless. This is just thoughts and opinions from a person who doesn't know anything

  14. VISHV


    7 天 前

    Have you heard about Fujitsu laptops?

  15. Lazar Eric

    Lazar Eric

    7 天 前

    Man you really tried to make a regular video out of a full video ad. Pls don't do that, you built an audience connection on honesty, don't ruin it with these type of full ad videos disguised as a regular video.

  16. Adhi Narayanan Y R

    Adhi Narayanan Y R

    8 天 前

    My respect for you went down the drain man!

  17. abhijeet wa

    abhijeet wa

    8 天 前

    Is it made in China?

    • Srikant B

      Srikant B

      4 天 前

      Yes 🌲

  18. R N

    R N

    9 天 前

    Everyone watching apple videos on products Marquess gets for free 2 months before everyone else: *BUENO* Everyone watching openly mentioned as advertisement video on ultrabooks that is NOT sponsored on the back by Apple: it ain't it chief :/ People, you're so goddamn blind, you hate being treated roughly by Lenovo so you prefer gentle love of Apple? It's not even problem with Marquess anymore, who's already just a poster-boy for big companies, big A especially.

  19. R-SHiFT


    9 天 前

    insane thumbnail

  20. Rahul L

    Rahul L

    9 天 前

    Yikes, my 2018 macbook pro is not an ultrabook (can't wake from sleep in < 3 sec)

  21. Koshy Thomas

    Koshy Thomas

    9 天 前

    I want 2.0 btw @diplo

  22. Koshy Thomas

    Koshy Thomas

    9 天 前

    Bro u a KSI fan 2? Touting British iq?

  23. Koshy Thomas

    Koshy Thomas

    9 天 前

    5:37 monkey type @beerbiceps

  24. Koshy Thomas

    Koshy Thomas

    9 天 前

    My syneshhetic photographic is kicking mi bulos rn

  25. Koshy Thomas

    Koshy Thomas

    9 天 前

    U binge w/babish 2?

  26. Koshy Thomas

    Koshy Thomas

    9 天 前

    3:22 hue else caught Suzuki on dat side?

  27. Koshy Thomas

    Koshy Thomas

    9 天 前

    💯 tfw you fall in louu w/twitter

  28. Koshy Thomas

    Koshy Thomas

    9 天 前

    Ur master is beating my drivers' palyer capacity 0:05 @decap

  29. Khalifa Khalifi

    Khalifa Khalifi

    9 天 前

    It is suitable for professionals. In a meeting ot conference your face look like shit cheap quality webcam

  30. Koshy Thomas

    Koshy Thomas

    9 天 前

    0:26 fo sho!

  31. Dwaipayan Nobis

    Dwaipayan Nobis

    9 天 前

    "This ain't it, Chief"- MKBHD

  32. JordanLeo


    10 天 前

    Well i dont think anyone is buying a Lenovo laptop after watching this video lol

    • JordanLeo


      4 天 前

      @Srikant B mate the only apple product I have is a MacBook. I'm literally writing this on an Android dumbass

    • Srikant B

      Srikant B

      4 天 前

      Apple fanboy spotted

  33. Mark Boldariev

    Mark Boldariev

    10 天 前

    lenovo… really?

  34. UltraGamerYT


    11 天 前

    Dislike: those who doesn't use their brains Like: For those who uses their brain Yes this is a joke and yes it's wrong about how the video is a whole ad but it does talk about ultrabooks in general as well.

  35. Roshan Lungeli Magar

    Roshan Lungeli Magar

    11 天 前

    What were you tryna say man? I literally didn't get it.

    • Srikant B

      Srikant B

      4 天 前

      He is trying to say an ad

  36. Anand Krishna Dev C

    Anand Krishna Dev C

    11 天 前

    You got the video title wrong. Should have been lenovo thinkpad X1 nano. Excellent ad by the way.

  37. Chitrangad Singh

    Chitrangad Singh

    11 天 前

    To all the people calling this video an advertisement, hey! He just told you at the beginning that this video was sponsored by lenovo, so he'll use the thinkpad for showcasing his idea. Right?

  38. Dev Vishwakarma

    Dev Vishwakarma

    11 天 前

    Is it good for video editing and photoshop?

  39. The Beyonder

    The Beyonder

    11 天 前

    Why is everything an ad!?

  40. Avieshek


    11 天 前

    This is your second Chinese company mishap after OnePlus from the past.

  41. Shawn Miranda

    Shawn Miranda

    12 天 前

    Sponsored review-esque videos with no negatives on a Windows device by a known MacOS user are not it Marquez. This is what ruined LTT for me.

  42. Tochukwu Obiakor

    Tochukwu Obiakor

    12 天 前

    Why did you flinch at 8:00?

  43. Cybergig00


    13 天 前

    what bunch of haters in the comments

  44. Juan Visbal

    Juan Visbal

    14 天 前

    I think that new "baseline" you mention might be Intel Evo.

  45. Arc


    15 天 前

    This is the first video of yours I've watched, and it turns out to be an ad in the guise of an informational video. Doing crap like this is going to turn away potential subscribers, like me. Sorry, I'm out.

  46. 쀼

    15 天 前

    linus did hp arm laptop crap and now this lol I mean I love ya but this ain't it chief

  47. Oluwagbayin Ojo

    Oluwagbayin Ojo

    15 天 前

    That's crazy, what typing website is that?!

  48. MrBits


    15 天 前

    They're pretty nice, but they have 0 power in them so they're basically e-machines.

  49. abdul javed

    abdul javed

    16 天 前

    who will tell about thermals??????

  50. Milan Paul

    Milan Paul

    16 天 前

    Nice vedio

  51. Eutimio Castillo

    Eutimio Castillo

    16 天 前

    No voy a comprar una laptop por ver este video, pero, great video

  52. burcburc


    17 天 前

    Lmao. I enjoyed watching the video(always have been) but then was surprised with the comments.

  53. Brendan James

    Brendan James

    17 天 前

    Shocked how many likes this video has. Shows the power of MKBHD the brand, regardless of the quality of video that’s put up

  54. tom tray

    tom tray

    17 天 前

    you forget to mention 13inch display

  55. Mikael Huostila

    Mikael Huostila

    17 天 前

    Anyone know the name of the intro song?

    • Mikael Huostila

      Mikael Huostila

      17 天 前

      Your Word - Jordyn Edmonds 👍

  56. Jazzfan 285

    Jazzfan 285

    18 天 前

    A Latina would date you so fast because of your status. This world is about cash and status.

  57. João Pedro

    João Pedro

    18 天 前

    piece of tech: red and black marques brownlee: spending 1/3 of the video talking about how good the design is

  58. Hero Hamada

    Hero Hamada

    18 天 前


  59. InfiMAX


    18 天 前

    Resume from sleep < 3s*

  60. SilentNoise103


    18 天 前


  61. worldwidehappiness


    18 天 前

    That was an advertisement for the X1 Nano that didn't have any criticisms of it. For example, there was no mention that the graphics is lowered and that prices are extremely high overseas. I don't understand why wealthy people are so desperate for even more money.

  62. Kartik Sharma

    Kartik Sharma

    19 天 前

    Well, the topic was just lame.

  63. frazebean


    19 天 前

    My first time disliking an MKBHD video.

  64. DJ THINK realdjthink

    DJ THINK realdjthink

    19 天 前

    i used to have an HP mini which was like an iPad Mini size laptop. it was an artist edition but i dont remember the artist that designed it

  65. DJ THINK realdjthink

    DJ THINK realdjthink

    19 天 前

    Is IBM still receiving royalty payments for the ThinkPad brand?

  66. DJ THINK realdjthink

    DJ THINK realdjthink

    19 天 前

    is my Lenovo Thinkpad S1 Yoga an Ultrabook? and the X1 Yoga?

    • DJ THINK realdjthink

      DJ THINK realdjthink

      19 天 前

      speaking of which, that S1 Yoga also has an embedded stylus which although not a Wacom, it is sweet

  67. DJ THINK realdjthink

    DJ THINK realdjthink

    19 天 前

    love the reggae vibes !

  68. A Fig

    A Fig

    19 天 前


  69. Cody Cobb

    Cody Cobb

    19 天 前

    Whoa, crazy to see one of my photos as your desktop!

  70. Michiel Brus

    Michiel Brus

    19 天 前

    Meh.. video feels a bit to much like an advertisement. Didn't completely watch it.

  71. Paweł Paweł

    Paweł Paweł

    19 天 前

    I prefer this Ultrabook than any from Apple, is just pure high-tech, without marketing

  72. Yes me..

    Yes me..

    19 天 前

    انا جايه من محمااااااااد😂

  73. Me Talks

    Me Talks

    19 天 前

    this guy made this a badly produced video jsut because its a sponser video he wanted it to be bad. RESPECT.

  74. Govind Menon

    Govind Menon

    20 天 前

    Hey Marques, I don't mind that it's an ad, it's 2021, we're happy when out favourite youtubers get sponsors. But I just wish you didn't go on this long winded "thought provoking discussion on ultrabooks" just to ease us into the advert. It just feels disingenuous. You could just talk about the ThinkPad directly. If it's an ad it's an ad. You don't need to Trojan horse it

  75. TranNhuThinh


    20 天 前

    7:23 expect you to spin it on the finger.

  76. Juan Ignacio

    Juan Ignacio

    20 天 前

    Long time big fan of the channel, this felt awkward and disappointing… I really hope this is not the path your channel and content takes…! Love all your other genuine stuff you do!

  77. Don Juan

    Don Juan

    20 天 前

    _lenovos augmentations don't impress me, i prefer_ *asus dual zen* _and_ *apples m1 macbook pro* _but everyone has there own interests 🤷‍♂️_

  78. Omar


    20 天 前

    You would be a fool to buy anything other than a M1 Macbook. Unless you really need Windows.

  79. nyy776


    20 天 前

    What's the intro track?

  80. MJunction


    21 天 前

    So can I game on this Ultrabook?

  81. Kartikeya Sharma

    Kartikeya Sharma

    21 天 前

    2:50 🔥🔥

  82. Aaditya Chakraborti

    Aaditya Chakraborti

    21 天 前

    Can someone link me to an HD version of the wallpaper?

  83. Alan Z

    Alan Z

    21 天 前

    Always liked Lenovo X1 series, had 2 in the past but always turned off by the touch pad on X1 as it doesn't feel as good compared to Mac laptops. Does the new model entire touch pad sink down like previous models or did they came to their senses and took that out? How do you compare this to the Microsoft Surface Laptop?

  84. Duncan McKen

    Duncan McKen

    21 天 前

    I don’t think the sponsorship money could’ve been worth enough to drop the quality so much

  85. The Phantom Coder

    The Phantom Coder

    21 天 前

    The ad part of this might be a little disappointing, but at least he's keeping the sick logo animation

  86. George Laxton

    George Laxton

    21 天 前

    1:24 "this video is sponsored by Lenovo" This is not enough to clearly tell the audience that it is a sponsored video. The sponsor should be at the beginning in the first 1-15 seconds. Also he speaks so fast that when I first watched the video I had no idea it was a sponsored video until I saw all the Reddit posts about this. These is no banner on the screen at all the only disclaimer in the video is this short 2 second statement that is so easy to miss, I saw others complaining that they never saw the sponsored by message. I have no qualms about sponsored content as long as it is clearly explained that it is sponsored so I know that going into the video. Without it, no matter how hard you try, it does come across as an ad like feel. As another commenter mentioned, the Macbook Air was not mentioned at all during this video. That's my 2cents anyways...

  87. Brian Felshaw

    Brian Felshaw

    21 天 前

    K but the thinkpad X1 Carbon is a beast

  88. MauzZer


    22 天 前

    who wants to see MKBHD in new HAircut :P

  89. strikeblade 666

    strikeblade 666

    22 天 前

    i've never thought that mkbhd will also implement ads on video, IT SUCKS!!!!!

  90. Raptor50aus


    22 天 前

    I am watching this on a Sony Vaio UX UMPC :)

  91. TST


    22 天 前

    if u please, review Asus ExpertBook B9

  92. Jon Son

    Jon Son

    22 天 前

    I thought this was a video about ultrabooks. And then it turned into a product placement

  93. Alexander Pirozhkov

    Alexander Pirozhkov

    22 天 前

    Also in kilograms please :)

  94. Сергей Беликов

    Сергей Беликов

    22 天 前

    The problem is that Intel's U chips were bad for real work (development) and web-browsing (because modern web is ineffective and works noticeably better on good CPU. At least few years ago, when I had ultrabook, which I replaced with MacBook Pro.

  95. portzblitz


    22 天 前

    Fools. Yes, it's basically an advert; HE LITERALLY SAID AT THE BEGIN THAT IT IS SPONSORED BY LENOVO. (the fuq is wrong with you people?)

  96. Mexican Sushi

    Mexican Sushi

    22 天 前

    2/3 of this video wasn't even letting me know about ultrabooks as a whole :/

  97. nazim12366


    22 天 前

    First time disliking an MKBHD video. Hopefully my last time too. Really didn’t enjoy this 9 minute ad

  98. nankink


    22 天 前

    Sponsored videos were never Marques's forte.. I mean probably gonna be read, but try not to just talk about the product's features but actually use it as a theme. The ultrabook's talk was going fine until it just vanished and you kept talking about the laptop. Linus do such a good job on this subject but well, he has a bunch of writers as well..

  99. A J

    A J

    22 天 前

    What typing website he was using??

  100. SIVAH. AKASH. - ஆகாஷ்

    SIVAH. AKASH. - ஆகாஷ்

    22 天 前

    There were parts in this video which clearly seemed to be talk points from Lenovo.